Beginner Adobe Photoshop {Knoxville Maryville Adobe Photoshop Course Class}

Beginning Adobe Photoshop with Tom & Jill Geisler

During our teaching of various digital photography courses, we have recognized a need for a course that addresses the essentials of the most popular editing program “Adobe Photoshop” from a very fundamental starting position. For photographers who make images at the hobby, advanced amateur and even professional level, we feel the organization capabilities of Adobe Bridge are very easily understood and perfectly adequate. We have also learned that many Photoshop courses begin at a point that may be a bit too advanced. Students report becoming lost about ten minutes into the first class. The purpose of our course is to gently introduce you to Adobe Bridge and Photoshop and take you to a level where:

  • You are ready to enroll into a traditional Photoshop course,
  • Start working with a good Photoshop instructional book, or
  • Work independently with Photoshop on your own.

In this course we will cover how to;

  • Understand and use the organizational system of Adobe Bridge (an often neglected part of Photoshop).
  • Perform basic editing functions, such as altering the color, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, and targeted image enhancements, concentrating on the important common tools you will need.
  • Use basics and shortcuts for sizing, setting resolution and quality, different saving options, and
  • Setting up your computer to enhance your experience with working with jpg and RAW image files.  We will also cover using Adobe Bridge and the Adobe Camera RAW converter for both RAW and jpeg images.

In the second meeting of this course we continue with Photoshop techniques and conduct an extensive question and answer roundtable.  We will discuss issues you may have had with your suggested homework assignment and discuss how “Bridge” and Photoshop work together to make your image organization simple and manageable.

The third meeting we will demonstrate taking several images from camera to finished product utilizing the use of tools we have learned.

This course is appropriate to PC and mac, and Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC versions. This is a ‘projector’ type class, meaning each student will view and take notes from Photoshop projected on a room screen. This is not intended to be a ‘lab’ type course where each student works during the class session on an individual computer. It is preferable that students do not bring laptop computers to the first class.

However, if you feel you can keep up by following along with your laptop, then bringing your laptop is fine.

Please note that this class does not address Adobe Light Room or Adobe Photoshop Elements.  These are two separate and different software programs.

In order to gain the most benefit from this class it is expected that each student have access to a computer at home with Photoshop CC, CS6 or CS5 and Bridge (bridge is an included part of these Photoshop titles).

This course will be offered at:

The Studio of Sprouting Hearts Photography
8641 Fox Lonas Road
Knoxville, TN  37923

August 15, 22 and 29 from 6pm to 8pm each evening. All three evenings are included in this course. Maps and driving directions will be sent to you after registration.

To ensure personal attention, we limit this course to 10 students.

The cost for this six-hour course, spread over three evenings is $125.00.

I purchased PS CS5 two years ago. I finally believe (for the first time) that I have a good idea how to use it. Thanks”

“Bridge (as I found out in class) is a really good organizational too. Great class, thanks”

“This was supposed to be a beginner PS class and I think it was perfect for that – Thank You”

“Photoshop doesn’t intimidate me anymore! I now feel hungry to know more and get better.”

“This class is Great..for the true Photoshop beginner. This was what I was needing…”

“I do love the way you both encourage others. Gently push participants to just ‘try’, ask questions, don’t be afraid to challenge oneself, etc. So, thank you!”

“Very easy to feel comfortable in this class.”

“This course was wonderful.  Photoshop no longer seems like a daunting, scary task that I can’t
understand.  This course really taught me some great foundational tools and good workflow
practices, it was absolutely worth it.”